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No matter how many trucks your business has on the road, commercial truck insurance will help protect your business, your vehicles, and you. Quality is key, which is why we take it seriously.

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The trucking industry has been a critical component of the American economy for over a century. Practically, every other business depends on the essential service of delivering products and materials from one destination to the other. In such a massive and diverse industry, it should come as no surprise that finding appropriate coverage at a reasonable price can require a lot of time and effort. That is where the expert independent agents at Soliman Insurance & Financial Services come in.

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Soliman Insurance & Financial Services was founded in 2012 with a desire to distance ourselves from the "bottom line" agencies and focus on the clients who trust us with their businesses. Our mission is to honor God in everything we do and to love our members as ourselves. That means building relationships with open and honest communication and putting the needs of our clients first. Although we continue to grow and learn as individuals and as a company, our mission to understand our clients so we can provide the best possible service remains the same.

We have applied that same dedication to understanding the industries we serve. Our customers trust us for the knowledge and attention to detail we provide, ensuring that your company is informed and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Semi-Truck Owners:

Semi-Truck Owners:

What types of coverage should you consider?

  • Primary Liability Truck Insurance is required coverage for all truck drivers. It covers damage to the other party’s property and medical expenses if your driver is found responsible for an accident.
  • General Liability Insurance protects your business in the event you are found responsible for medical expenses or property damage due to business activities not directly related to operating your truck. A slip and fall on your property, dispatcher error resulting in damage to cargo or other equipment, and lawsuits for slander or false advertising are examples that fall under this coverage.
  • Physical Damage Insurance consists of collision and comprehensive coverage. This coverage will pay for damages or to replace your truck in case of a collision, as well as fire, vandalism, and theft.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance covers the costs incurred in the event of damages, destruction, or other loss of goods during delivery and through the unloading process. This is critical coverage that isn’t always required by law but is absolutely necessary for responsible motor carriers.
  • Uninsured Motorist Insurance provides added protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists. The percentage of uninsured drivers rises yearly, while some drivers are covered by the law’s minimum requirements, with no hope of adequately paying for your property.

Key Takeaways

We know that finding commercial semi-truck insurance is an expensive and complicated ordeal. At Soliman Insurance & Financial Services, we have the experience and understanding to simplify your process and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what you do best. Our agents are well versed in ever-changing local, state, and federal regulations, and we are ready to apply our renowned attention to detail on behalf of your business. A well-executed insurance plan can be a lifeline for a trucking company when the worst happens. Make sure you have an agent who is working for you, not the insurance company. Call to speak with an independent agent today!

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